Thursday, October 17, 2013

the re-shuffle thanks to floating shelves and a few days off

A few days ago I told myself that if I could only have a three day weekend I would be able to accomplish a lot around the house. Luckily that turned into 5 days off as we wait for our next job to start. Woo hoo. 
After the shelves were installed and I put in another bookcase in the closet I had to re-asses the storage situation in the office and the conclusion was that either this or the other cabinet would have to stay. I moved them both around the room to see where they would fit the best and it ended up staying right where it was originally. Not perfect but very necessary. I took this opportunity to really go nuts on the process of "like with like" and the best way to keep my crazy at bay was to designate each of the pieces of furniture with an overall task. This bookcase became the storage for magazines, movies, mementos, paper, and crafting supplies.
It was a mad shuffle but it makes so much sense now.
Since the top of the bookcase was exposed it would need something decent looking to put there so I moved the magazines that had been under this side table and put them in the bookcase. It was helpful in that now they would be less prone to dust and cat hair and this side table would look less busy. The bin there still holds all the misc. catalogs yours truly receives.
The most important sign of progress is when I am left with room to grow. It tells me that I am not stuffing things into places that are about to burst. I'm very happy to have breathing room. Oh and a fluffy unicorn. It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!
The movies went back to where they were originally.
And the boxes now hold the many scrap pieces of sentimental crap I keep from trips and such. That yellow suitcase is actually empty. Again: room to grow.
The six boxes to the right were there originally thus the pretty labels and I moved in here six more that will eventually get pretty labels too. Paint, rubber stamps, scissors & trimmers, etc.
 The top houses papers I need to sort and such and empty notebooks, notepads, and post-its.
 And the bottom has the paper supplies (card stock, etc.) and that large box also holds mementos.
The closet makes some more sense now too. It's overall task is now for gift wrapping, party supplies, file folders & hanging files, and shipping.
I got another expedit bookcase only a shorter one and it now houses all the shipping materials and small boxes to use for gift wrapping, etc.
The left houses spare pillows and a spare rug for when the cats inevitably ruin one.
And the rolls of wrapping paper. Above the closet there's another bin for gift boxes as well.
Oh, thanks Ali...
The room to grow comes courtesy of these two squares that currently house printers, consoles, and harddrives...
And these boxes that house more technology...
...that will eventually live here in the big console. This smaller opening will house the consoles (PS2, Wii, Apple TV) and their various accessories...
...and this side will house the printer and harddrives. It's pretty cool to know that once the replacement arrives, there will be even more storage space in the office closet. Hurrah.
And as beautiful as it is, we're talking about utility so I'm gonna put the clean kitty litter in the bottom drawer.
Then I can get rid of this eyesore at least.
I wish I could get rid of this eye sore...
Anyway, all that shuffling took about two days in between other projects around the house but it was so worth it to finally have a next level sense of order in here. Obviously everything was already pretty organized but this type of OCD is something I take great pleasure in.
The next project that will take days is gonna be the shed but... I'm just not ready for that yet.

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