Monday, December 21, 2009

what i want for christmas (the upgrade/frivolous stuff)

Ah what the heck, a girl can dream.

I'd love to get fancy lamps for the living room sofa table.

Gourd shaped lamps would be my favorite option.

I can't stop thinking about this dresser. Maybe for the dining area in the living room, definitely with different knobs since Matt has stated he is not a fan.
Next year is the year for the sideboard. I've been eyeballing this guy for a long time...

But who knows, this guy might convince me. He's taller, a little cheaper, might have more space than the one above.
Technically it's a bench and I thought it would look neat up against the window of the kitchen, add a little cushion on top to sit on, and I'd store the dog food in drawers.
Maybe too much white, maybe a black one?
A screen door for the fireplace, pretty.
And it would be just awesome to buy white linen sheets for the master bedroom, we spend so much time in our beds, might as well have some nice sheets.

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