Tuesday, December 8, 2009

christmas partY

I host a Christmas dinner every year for my ladies. Funnily enough since they all read this blog, I can't really talk about what I'm doing for it this year so they will be surprised with the menu and the decor. I will take pictures and write about it later (or have Ambre take pictures and steal them from her).

First year I moved the dining table to the living room so there would be room for everyone. Great idea because we dine under the lights of the tree. Lovely...

 2nd year we crammed into my TINY dining area which was perfect when the chairs were red and almost festive on their own.

I wish I would have taken a picture of this area when it was staged, it was pretty with champagne but I promise to take pics of my set up this year.

This year I have a big beautiful home (thanks in-laws) and a two beautiful trees. Of course there are three elements to take into consideration this year: one NINE month pregnant guest, one 3 year old guest, and a 1 year old guest.

Stay tuned to see how one takes such things into consideration

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ambre said...

Counting down the days!