Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the b&w christmas party (part I)

When throwing a party in our home, I feel like there should be various "stations" where people can mingle and eat

Station 1: where people begin and lightly catch up.
The table in the living room was transformed into the cocktails and appetizer station with a pitcher of pomegranate cosmos and grilled artichokes with dipping sauce. Nothing stirs up a conversation like booze and having to work for your food.

Station 2: where people sit and chat and absentmindedly snack.
The living room ottoman with snacks and candy canes. Note the little cocktail napkins on the tray because grabbing snap peas leaves greasy fingers.
Station 3: where guests nibble on chocolates, take the scene in, and sign the guest book, that I completely forgot to mention to them so no one signed it.
Grandmas candy dish must always be full of candies. This is a more solitary station, when you want to escape from a guest or want to just look without speaking.
Station 4: for couples or intimate chats.
It's off in the corner behind the couch and out of earshot where you can be more open and honest than elsewhere in the house and if you're self conscious about your breath, you can grab a little mint while chatting up a loved one.
 Once again I completely forgot to take pictures of the house before everyone got there and started feasting on the goodies so these pictures are not as staged or beautifully lit as I would have liked. Parts to come will mention the buffet, the dining table, and our activities.

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