Sunday, December 20, 2009

what i want for christmas

I think its gotten to where I feel like I truly don't care what I get for Christmas. It's partly because I've been blessed with a good job that allows me to buy myself whatever I want throughout the year so come Christmas, I'm almost out of things I want. Almost...

So here is my wish list because its always been fun for me to hear what everyone else wants, it's like an insight into their soul and their priorities.

Ally McBeal Season 1. I have been waiting and waiting for this to be on DVD....

No surprise here...

I've heard so much about this Dorothy Draper lady and I want to see what she's all about. Plus the cover is just fun.
Modcloth five year memory book. So popular it's on back order, I actually have credit on modcloth so once it's in stock, it's mine.
A nice dress for Alex's wedding. Not necessarily this one, but I will be scouring the malls for the right one. One that fits good and will keep me somewhat warm, since it's a January wedding.
A bodum loose leaf teapot. Mine is ugly and old.

This mistake could have been avoided. I want a bigger food processor. The one I have is great and all but I want one that's big enough to hold more than just a garlic clove.
I have been wanting one of these suckers forever. I just feel it would make my life so much simpler. At least my baking life, which oddly enough I do plenty of.
And finally, the big fancy expensive in your dreams we'll have to talk it over and both be ready to invest in it gift for us. A wireless surround sound system.

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Anonymous said...

........"this Dorothy Draper lady"..?? Are you clueless or inately insensative?