Tuesday, December 22, 2009

two things: from LonnyMag.com

1) These lamps are PERFECT for the entry table in the living room. They're from JC Penny. Yes way. I will be going there to see if it's true, they're not online.

2) This is the most beautifully styled manly bookcase I've seen ever. The bookcase looks so much like the Ikea lack bookcase that I want to believe it is it and then purchase two to replace the ones we have in our bedroom now. Then style them closely to this. Minus the TV and the hideous triple faced Jonathan Adler bust/sculpture monstrosity.
In my dreams because Matt would NEVER EVER EVER let me replace something that's fine as it is. We already have two right now, why would you need more? That's crazy.

P.S. Horizontal stripes behind the bookcase? Exclamation point!

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