Sunday, December 6, 2009

the upgrade element

Something that's difficult for Matt to understand is the element of accepting certain things until you can upgrade them to what you really want. It's difficult to understand because it means that you will be BUYING something more expensive eventually.

And while some things were easy to explain and sell him on like trading in this couch...

For this one...
Most of the time the idea of buying something better while the thing you have works just fine, is hard to sell.

 This area houses two items I've had since I graduated college and lived in my first apartment. Both from Ikea, both have been painted, but they're just not my style anymore.

Ideally I'd upgrade one of the side tables to a fancy dresser to house supplies.

And while the expedit we've fashioned to house entertaining supplies was a nice free solution...
I'd eventually like to upgrade to a fancier buffet or sideboard.

And though our bedroom is sweet and I love it....

 A little upgrade wouldn't hurt.

The grand majority of this stuff is in the "someday" category. And I feel lucky that a lot of the "someday" stuff is sitting in our house right now. I guess that's just how my mind works, constantly wanting to improve things.

Except Matt, he's perfect as he is.

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