Monday, December 28, 2009

next year...

Next year's plans for #18.

This is what I'm going for in the dining area. Sideboard, two lamps, starish mirror, bar tray (because its pretty not cause not because either of us are big boozers):

This is one of those leads to the other sort of moves. I'm gonna take the lamps from the living room (which means, yes, probably gonna buy two nicer lamps for the living room):

And the starburst mirror from the fireplace:
Place the sideboard here, which means I'd move this expedit guy:

Where this guy is and put the record player and stuff in the expedit and move this guy up to the drum room again.

Which elminates the need for this guy who has been generously housing my linens since I'd be putting the linens in the expedit or the buffet. Not sure where I'd move him.

And since Matt's not been too crazy about the round mirror over the mantle, I want to replace it with just a big piece of abstract artwork and minimal accessories.

A DIY headboard for the guestroom. We've had plenty of visitors and no one complains but I really want to build a headboard for the room. I feel it would complete it.

That's the plans. We'll see what happens...

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