Thursday, December 24, 2009

the b&w christmas party (part II)

I set the table a week before the party because well, that's who I am. I assign seats based on convenience (Milena is left handed, Michelle has to be seated so she can watch the kids, etc). It's old fashioned but I get a kick out of being forced to think of each guest's comfort level and knowing their personalities.

I used nine out of the ten chairs I own to seat everyone.
As much as I bought specifically for the party, everything was purchased with the ability to be reused even if it was NOT christmas season. Black napkins with white napkin rings go year round in this house, plain white tablecloth. Everything but the chargers. World's most useless item that I now own 12 of. But they're so so so pretty and they saved my white tablecloth.
Each guest was given a little gift with their name on it (I give out little favors every year), indicating seat assignment.

The gift was this 1.00 DVD from Target that Lynners and Aaron are modeling.
I had my copy of the DVD playing throughout the party.

Since I couldn't very well light the candles in the fireplace with this critter running around:
I am not ashamed to admit, I find this critter ridiculously adorable and entertaining.

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