Thursday, December 24, 2009

the b&w christmas party (part III)

What did we eat at this thing?

I was going to have a chalkboard and write in the menu on it but I ran out of time so I just typed it up to "look" like chalkboard, printed, and framed it. Did the trick.

Learned from my mistakes in years past, I would not be stuck in the kitchen while everyone mingled and enjoyed themselves. So we went for buffet style on the island.

I loved seeing the bounty.
That mac n' cheese recipe was ridiculously cheesy and DELICIOUS. The barefoot's recipe of course.
I will be forced to have a salad at my party that has pomegranate seeds in it. They're just so dang beautiful.
This was all that was left of the eggnog.
And the champagne was gone quick too.
Tangerines were good looking and an alternate desert if there was a healthy eater amongst us, we only had one taker.
But who can resist this situation here.
And finally, the smores.

Cause we have a fire pit and we're not afraid to use it.

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