Tuesday, April 9, 2013

outdoor bar area

I had this potting bench on my wishlist sort of not quite thinking it through just knowing that I wanted it and that I would find use for it somehow. Well, thank heavens for the internet right?
I saw somewhere that a person had leaned their potting bench against the wall of a shed that had an awning over it to provide some shade while you've got your hands dirty potting. Can't find the actual image I saw but something along these lines where it's just a little shade on the side.
I figured I could do the same and lean it against the shed here and then my mind started whirring and I thought hmm... during the times when I'm not using it maybe the bench could be a nice outdoor food buffet with a cool plant on it, maybe a drink bucket on the bottom shelf.
Thank you internet. 'Cause some homeslice actually used the same potting bench, which just totally loans itself to be an outdoor bar but her little tweaks took it over the top in awesomeness. Like using the pre-existing hooks to hang barware and the bucket that catches dirt as an ice bucket.
Amongst her clever tweaks was the adding of a hanging rail for glasses, a towel bar for towels, and a bottle opener to the front which makes me happy 'cause I've been holding onto my wall mounted bottle opener forever in the hopes that I'd be able to use it again. 
Matt picked it up while I was at work and I think it'll be a terrific help for the bridal shower and all subsequent outdoor parties at Casa Fredrich. 

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