Monday, September 16, 2013

times ten

There are ten doors in our house with doorknobs and they were all different. Some were brushed nickel, some were cheapy gold.
Not no more!
This is one of those updates that is fairly small, didn't cost much and is actually very simple to do, way too simple. But oh man, so worth it to walk into the laundry room and see all of the knobs in the same style and color!
We used the Kwikset brand which were the same for our outside doorknobs and went with the black finish 'cause well, duh, it's us, black and white is our thang.
I installed all of them myself too. I was just gonna do the ones in my office but was honestly enjoying myself too much and Matt let me have at it. He's got lots to do this week around here, I'll help out with this fun little project. It's not a big change but it's a good change. Totally worth it.
And so finally a weekend was spent accomplishing a home improvement task around here.

Though we did play golf too. Maybe one can do it all?

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