Wednesday, September 11, 2013

what do doors cost anyway?

Our front door is lame.
As I was scarfing down some lunch I started browsing the Home Depot website and was looking at doors. I can't say I had any earthly idea what doors cost so I can't say I was surprised since I had nothing to go on. I think I want a very simple door like this.
I found out that thing I want to do to the front of the house where it comes out and makes a little welcome awning situation is called a "portico".
I like this idea the most so far with the hanging light fixture and the slate floor.
Black doors are just awesome though. And I want that star light.
Obviously though, it's going to be a yellow front door. 
And a grey house. 'Cause I'm nothing if not predictable.

Today is September 11.

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