Friday, January 10, 2014

a neat black and white mudroom entry

Design*Sponge had a neat little kitchen makeover on their site today which was pretty adorable in its own right and quite inspirational but the part that made me go HMMM was that in the entryway, they had this little mini mudroom thing going on.
I'm not quite sure why but I'm really into organized entryways and entryways in general. I'm always coming in and going out and having a special dumping ground for the things I'm carrying and things I'll need when I leave my house is important to me.

Also, it's a challenging situation keeping things organized in a normally messy spot and I get a giddy thrill out of that kinda challenge.
The whole thing is pretty cute so definitely go check it out. I can feel the desire to crazy organize the house coming on, not until next month though. Le sigh.

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