Monday, January 27, 2014

who needs grass anyway...

The other day Matt mentioned an idea that made so much sense I didn't realize how much I'd already been sold on it awhile ago. He said that when we re-did the backyard (which we are trying to do before the end of May) he didn't want to use a lot of grass because with the dogs, he didn't want them to ruins it. To which I say, yes, no grass. Who needs grass? We have a nice patch in the front yard to picnic on but the backyard is begging to be the hang out lounge-y space for young and old and we don't need grass for that! I didn't even realize how much the idea has been percolating in my cabeza until I looked at my pinterest board and realized I already dig the backyards with mostly a lot of greenery and a place to hang outside and enjoy the beautiful California weather instead of being cooped up inside loving the air conditioning. A big outdoor living room. 
And of course my favorite backyard inspiration is grass-less.
And Michelle before you crucify me with "BUT YOUR KIDS NEED GRASS!" Remember, the front yard has a nice big patch (that's gated!) with enough room for sprinkler running and we have a big park with a playground not even a block away. So there.

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Michelle said...

as long as you leave room for a playhouse and some swings, we're good. my kids favorite part of the yard is the concrete to ride scooters on and the dirt to dig in.