Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ideas for a nursery (gah!)

Well, we don't know what this little tyke will be gender-wise (other than just generally awesome) but we do know that it will reside in the current guest room that already has a dresser, a bookcase, and an alphabet poster. Convenient. Anyway, here's my brain clouds on things I'm digging for a baby person.
The room will be cleared out in the next few months since it's been the dumping ground for all sorts of things, especially under the guest bed and the closet, which will be quite a project since frankly, I have no idea where to disperse such items. Overall though putting this board together made me feel better that honestly, we're not going to have to BUY a lot of furniture, I'm down to just a crib and a glider and ottoman and mostly it's accessories for the room.

For the baby itself… I have a secret pinterest board where I've put the baby essentials I'd like to buy for it (stroller, bathtub, carrier, baby swing, etc.) which we'll have to talk about later blog friends. I've done a lot of good preliminary research on the situation but, I like opinions. 

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