Tuesday, January 21, 2014

someone's feeling nest-y

We spent the weekend in a zombie-like state, sleeping, eating (or trying to) but I did begin the project of clearing out the guest room. Though funnily enough clearing it out involved not the guest closet itself, at least not yet, but it did involve a few re-shuffles of the hallway closet. The top two shelves house the decorative items that I rotate in and out when I get bored or by season and are supplies for dinner parties, like candles and the like. The very top shelf houses a boatload of picture frames I cannot possibly use in this house and honestly need to just bite the bullet and go through them and just leave a few and give away the rest.
Since we're losing the guest room (and gaining a baby!) I wanted to hang onto a few guest room supplies for when the office is a guest room (and will house my mother during the first few days with aforementioned baby). The 2nd to last shelf was cleared of a few items and the towels that were formerly in the guest room dresser were moved into the bin instead. I've since found the twin of this bin in my closet so now that one has been brought into the closet to store the guest bedding. In the office I actually have another full set of guest room bedding that fit that couch perfectly but a) I just can't bare to part with that DwellStudio bedding and b) In case we get more than one set of guests and need to blow up the air mattress. Hey, I'm Mexican, never underestimate how many people you will need to sleep in a little house.
And predictably, during my re-shuffle, a certain nuisance found a cozy spot to snuggle.
So here's some of the remnants of the guest room all piled into a basket. I'll make it purtier and to go with the office decor later, something like this perhaps?
And the bottom shelf has electronics and often used tools.
Today we found a taker for our queen bed and they're coming to pick it up which means this nursery train is a chugging. Choo choo.

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