Wednesday, January 22, 2014

if it's a...

Funny thing about the future child whose gender we don't know yet. First off we have a girl name but no boy name. The girl's name determines pretty much the overall colors and decor of her nursery. Our girl name is Alice and I'm drawing inspiration a lot from the 1951 Disney film Alice in Wonderland, which has been one of my favorite films for decades. Little Alice's overall color scheme comes from her outfit actually, and I always imagined a blue room with white bedding and a black crib
My favorite thing about going with the Alice scheme is that on top of incorporating all the other cool elements from the film like a bunny rabbit, playing cards, roses, cool hats, dodo birds, an adorable cat named Dinah, a tea party (I MEAN, HELLO, COULD THAT BE MORE PERFECT FOR OLE EVY?), but if you recall at the end of the film, Alice plays a round of croquet with flamingos. I even have a fantastic version of the book I'd put in her room on proud display where the cover is what else but flamingos. And though I personally LOVE the color pink, I think I'd keep the pink in her room and wardrobe minimal.
Also the character of Alice in the film is a hoot. She's full of imagination, good intentions, manners, a dry sense of humor, and a sense of adventure, all great qualities for a lady. Especially my little lady.
For the boy baby we don't have a name and I'm all over the place with color and decor. Overall I like the idea of a sort of neutral palette with graphic details like stripes but I waft in between all the interests we want to force on this child like the solar system, comic books, rock music, robots, skulls, the ocean, great inventors, movies, toy story… 
It's hard to narrow down one particular thing so I think we'll just try to incorporate it all. All the nerdy cool, awesome, fun, silly things that make a boy a boy. 
We'll find out soon enough what it is but right now, it's fun to dream either way.

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