Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the best-a

The other day at Ikea I came across a very charming little living room that featured the same sofa we have the Karlstad (in the prettier lighter gray) and showed off the new customizable Besta. Which I'm a big big fan of since I'm a big fan of customizing furniture to suit your lifestyle.
I really like the TV unit situation they had already because it was chock full of storage behind doors and a touch of open shelving for use to display pretty things.
In the living room currently I've been scheming in my brain that behind the sofa, instead of the the sofa table we have now it would be great to have some sort of large cabinet to make room for storage that can be hidden behind doors (aka unsightly kid things). With the loss of the guest room, I'm trying to maximize store possibilities everywhere in the house and this little combination seems just perfect:
They even placed it right behind a Karlstad sofa so I know it's already the perfect height and since it's right at the entrance of the house, the fact that the doors SLIDE so you don't have to open doors and block the entry sealed the deal. It has two sliding doors so you can always have one exposed section and in this case, they left pretty glass drawers open for things you may need to access often which would be perfect for our receipts and sunglasses and what have you.
Leave it to the Swedes to read my mind and needs perfectly. 

Now to convince Matthew… 

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Michelle said...

my friend just got this in the dark color. it's what she uses in the playroom to store the toys and crayons and blocks and such... it looks great.