Thursday, January 16, 2014

i know your tricks, baby

Today I've been feeling like absolute garbage which is unfortunate because it's our first shoot day in San Francisco so I'm not in the comfort of our production apartment/office. I tried to pace myself with food but somehow I overdid it or something because after lunch I went ahead and threw up so hard in the motorhome I thought I plugged the toilet.

The little alien of mine though, tried to distract me from the pain by taking a moment out of its busy day in the womb and showed off that it is moving. As I stood talking to its father I got a very pronounced movement. It felt like someone was rubbing me but from the inside. I let out a gasp and I teared up and for a few happy seconds, I forgot how sick I've been feeling.

 Holy crap, it was dope.

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Michelle said...

that baby is already so smart!