Thursday, January 23, 2014

step 1: remove queen bed

It was a little sad to see it go but it had to happen. It's crazy how much room there was once it was removed. Oh yeah, there's still another queen mattress that was ours before we upgraded to the California King. This mattress we're hoping will end up with my sister Liz. And right where the mattress is is where I hope to place the crib.
We went to Ikea and bought a few boring but important items and I spent the evening organizing a dresser that really is in no rush to be organized. I dunno… somehow opening up a bag of newborn diapers and putting them in a drawer helped set in the reality of a baby. Like I've posted in the ideas for a nursery board I plan on sticking a changing pad on top of this dresser so I wanted to keep items we'd need for related to that kinda thing here.
On the top left little box where I have one tube of sunblock I want to add baby first aid stuff and medicine, the little box in front of it will have baby butt stuff like diaper rash lotions and such, the box next to those will house wipes, next to that I want to have a few clean up rags, and next to that eventually the cloth diapers. I've heard the first few weeks thought babies are too small for them so I grabbed a few Seventh Generation newborn disposables for the beginning.
The bottom drawer will house the teeny but often needed things like socks, mittens, swaddle blankets, onesie tops, and PJs. Michelle said that after a few weeks we'll get into a routine of how we do things with the wee one and I'll shift things accordingly. Hey, organizing something twice? F.U.N. The PJ in there was a gift and will be worn by our baby regardless of gender.
To the left of the dresser where I cleverly placed this chair I hope to put a glider chair thing and I'll keep that round table to put baby feeding items and move that lamp and go for a floor lamp with a dimmer instead so I don't worry about knocking over a lamp at 3am.
The little basket underneath might house nipple things like pacifiers and other boob stuff 'cause yeah, this semi-hippie really wants to give it a go with breastfeeding. I mean you can't beat the price: it's free!
Tee-hee. Little baby shoes.
I really hate this lighting thing so I hope we'll get something a little nicer in here and I really want to install some sort of dimmer light for the room so when I go into the room I won't blind the kid. It's probably too young to understand the phrase "striking"! 

We'll need a rug. The current rug that's in the living room might be moving into this room. And I am painfully aware that it is a creamy color and babies are gross but… meh.
The closet is pretty much a disaster zone and I have big plans for this space. It's actually a sizable closet, especially for someone that's going to be under three feet for about 3 years. My friend Milena is a professional organizer and she's looking to add nursery organization to her portfolio so she's gonna help me out for the cost of a lunch or two.
ABC poster all ready to go. J is for Juice Cleanse.
And because I'm a lunatic I went ahead and took the guest room stuff out of here and played with the arrangement of what it would look like if it was all kid'd out.
I moved the movies to the top shelf and put only the Disney ones on display with the other kid movies hanging out behind dumbo. The second shelf I put stuffed animals I already had for fun.
This is the child's book collection already. And there's actually MORE in the closet too. I think I'll take out the bigger kid ones and leave here the baby ones eventually but for now, it's fun. The bottom shelf I think I'll stick a few baskets and put baby toys like rattles and such.
I'm keeping the glass doors on it for now and will remove and store them when the kid starts to get mobile. The yellow toy box I think I'll keep.
And hanging on the door is a little outfit that Matt wore when he was a baby.
I know it's kinda way too early to be getting the room ready but there's still a lot to do so approaching it in bite sized pieces each time makes it feel manageable.

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