Tuesday, May 13, 2014

and then my men built a fence in 6 hours (and other backyard updates)

My father in-law Dan is truly the best. He's had decades of experience being manly and was the foreman in our backyard remodel and he recently added "fence designer & constructor" to the list. He and Matt built this fence is about 6 hours. Technically it might have been a little more since they laid the posts weeks ago and then bought the material the night before they assembled it but they woke up yesterday at 7am and within a few hours the middle part was done, and then, it was all done.
It provides much needed eyesore protection from the ugly alley behind the house. Yes, we cut off access that way to the alley since we built the fence in front of a formerly existing wider fence, but we did add another door on the other side of the Hannger that should we need to flee that way, we can. The material is Tek I believe which isn't real wood, it's heartier. We were gonna go for a grey color but I thought we had too much grey already with the pebbles so we went with this red color instead.
I'd mentioned earlier we added an outlet here but it may not have made sense before but now that the fence is up and it's actually drilled into it, it's great. I used it last night as I was working outside and came to the prompt realization that hmm, we need more light out here if I want to hang out here when it's dark.
I took iPhone photos last night but since 32 weeks of pregnancy makes for a hard time sleeping, I was up early and styled it a little bit so you can see it's true potential.
Isn't that fence just the icing on the cake? It makes such a huge difference in making it feel more private and welcoming. 
The giant umbrella was a great idea. This is what the area looks like in morning shade but when that hot hot valley sun peaks out, it's gonna be very helpful.
And absolutely great call on these Ikea chairs. They are indeed comfortable and make it much easier to sit for extended periods of time on a laptop or even chatting up your friendants (friend tenants).
I saw at Target there's these things called umbrella lights and I'm gonna buy a set ($10) and see if they work here. We need some dining lighting.
Sigh. I just started daydreaming about hanging here gossiping with my bitches girls eating a big ole cheese plate and drinking sangrias or lemonade.
Right by those outlet and pipe things is where I want to install a water feature. I didn't realize how nice it is to have the sound of running water until we spent time at my in-laws oasis of a back patio (I really gotta do a whole post about it). Trust me, we need it being right next to a freeway.
The shed obviously still needs to be painted and we need to put those boxes away inside. It's an organizing project whose time has come I just haven't had the time.
The peach tree is nice and green at the moment, little peach buds are popping out.
Here's the view from the tree to the rest of the yard.
And here's the view from the tree to the doggy yard.
I have ordered seating! It's a beast of a set and at a great price too. I'll write up a mini post about it when it arrives but the layout for now won't be a sectional like I'd planned since the space is so narrow. Instead, it'll be a long couch with two armchairs on either side. For now it'll have a coffee table since it comes with the set but eventually a nice propane fire pit. Along the wall, boxwood hedges.
I can't find a suitable spot for the bar at the moment so right now it's in front of the Hannger and I can't say I hate it. Plus it'll be a perfect spot for when the party happens.
We're gonna do the same thing we did for Miri's bridal shower and put folding tables along the driveway for seating. It worked so well last time. This is gonna be such a great place for the little kids to race their bicycles and for one of them to teach mine about riding a two wheeled bike.
That's our magical backyard so far friends. I am literally sitting in it right now enjoying the cool before it goes up to 90 today.
I am one happy lady. Thanks Matt & Dan!

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