Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I am nothing if not predictable

Last night we went to Ikea after work. We tried to go on Sunday but oh heeeccck no, I saw the crowds and said no, let's turn around. Anyway, we got one part of the backyard furnishing done: the dining table. And so as to continue my jam, it's a black and white combo. White table.
 Black chairs. 8 of them.
Matt will be assembling the table today while I'm at work and then we'll continue the hunt for the outdoor seating situation. We've hit a snafoo with it since Ikea sold out of the one I wanted and can't be found in any California store. Anyway… we're trying to find a suitable replacement that won't break our bank. I'm also rethinking the sectional idea, nobody ever sits in that corner! Pics maybe tomorrow.

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