Wednesday, May 28, 2014

just go ahead and toss out that to-do list

It's really hard for a Type A party planner to know that there's a party happening at my house and I can't do much about it. I actually made a "things to do the week of the BBBQ" list that was a cleaning list of things I wanted to make sure got done before Saturday. And now, I'm basically not supposed to do much of it. I mean, I'm not an invalid but I'm supposed to be taking it easy and that's a very hard directive for me to handle! I guess I'll just do my few light chores I can handle like dusting and putting things away and imagine what I'd do if I was gonna throw an outdoor party.
By summer of next year God willing I'll be throwing another outdoor party. By then the greenery will be thriving a lot more and we'll actually have that awesome outdoor seating set we've bought that has not arrived yet. Oh well, we do what we can.

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