Thursday, May 22, 2014

the power of prayer

I got all my homies to be praying for us and boy has it been heard. I am feeling so much better. She's moving around like crazy, cramps are getting further away, belly is a lot looser.

My mom and step-dad came by last night and laid oil and hands on the baby. I have all my family praying and also, my church family.

I haven't mentioned my church yet have I? We've been attending a church in Hollywood for the past few months, joined a small group, and are really happy to be a part of a community again. We sent them a prayer request via the App (modern church, heh heh) and got an email back with the most beautiful prayer.

Here it is:

Father, Thank you for Matt and Evy and their little baby. Thank you that you ordain life. We bless this baby in Jesus name. We bless Evy and her womb. We release your peace over her body right now and call it into order. We bless your harmonies Evy and command them to step into alignment with the pace that you have set for the baby. Evy we declare your body was created to be a safe nurturing place for a child to grow and develop. Jesus, we thank you that by you and through you ALL things are and were created. We declare that by you and through you this baby is being formed. We thank you for your presence surrounding the baby in the womb. Thank you for the baby's awareness of your presence.

In the name of Jesus we stand with Matt and Evy and cancel every assignment of darkness sent against this baby. We declare in Jesus name every assignment is null and void and place the cross of Christ, Jesus' death and resurrection between the baby and those assignments. We declare this baby will be born healthy and alive and will not be birthed before the day the Lord has ordained.

We bless you little baby in Jesus name. We bless you with healthy natural and supernatural development. We bless your body in its forming in and out of the womb. We bless your ability to breath well, we bless the forming of your heart and your ability to run. We bless you with a strong and gentle spirit. We bless your intimacy with God, your awareness of His presence now and through out your life. We bless you with a hunger for the word of God and wisdom to understand and walk with God. We bless you with the ability to speak truth. We bless your ability to see.

Holy Spirit, thank you that you are an amazing teacher and guide. Thank you for your comfort for Matt and Evy in this season. Thank your for giving them strength and establishing the deeper in you and drawing them closer together. We bless this family in Jesus name.


I'm still taking it easy and mostly laying around today. I'd love to be okay by Sunday so I can attend church and a dear friend's bridal shower.

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