Friday, May 16, 2014

oh sheddy

On a day where the temperatures in Burbank went into the triple digits genius me decided to spend a few hours in the morning finally organizing the shed. Don't worry, Matt was nearby and I drank a LOT of water and took air conditioning breaks if I was getting too pink. Before the sun went bonkers we were done and I took a much needed cheese and fruit break and our shed was in much better shape.  First off, we drilled some screws into the doors to hang stuff. 
I am excited to have the beach chairs so easily accessible. It's fun pretending I could go to the beach or an outdoor movie screening at any moment!
In order to get in there and really get to work we have to pull out the lawnmower, edge trimmer, bicycles, and golf bags so this is what the shed looks like when all those things are out of the way.
Again, I grouped like items together and kept things we use at closer access.
I was especially happy that now all the seasonal decorations are together.
Here's the rear of the shed. After I went through boxes and tossed what I didn't need, this was what was left and finally I put all the paint stuff together and the camping stuff together. 
I actually have two boxes of camping supplies, which for someone that's been camping once, seems a little much, no? I think it's my dreaming of more camping opportunities that keeps me hanging on.
And finally all the paint stuff is together. THREE rows of it. Top shelf of tarps and rags, middle of paint and paint bucket, and 2nd to last of actual paint supplies (brushes, etc.). Whew. 
The most exciting thing I did according to Matt was screwing those tiny black shelves up there. It's funny how something so benign can be such a nice change. And it's so nice to have a work surface in there again though we rarely use it. We may someday!
The top left has our golf shoes, balls, & tees. And a spare little key hook now holds my solar powered radio and grip gloves. Which BTW I need new ones. We also wanna grab a few more peg hooks for our peg board. Matt gets a big kick out of them. 
I flipped what was under here previously with stuff that may actually be used instead.
Over here in inaccessible zone I shoved our old tax stuff and Matt's old baseball cards and such. And his drum cases. And check that out, an empty box.
So whew! As you may have surmised from the frequency of posting, I did have this week off and have been trying to cram as much into the days as far as leisure (naps), productivity, and socialization. Eight months pregnant feels like a ticking time bomb, MUST. DO. ALL. BEFORE. BABY. IS. BORN.

Have a terrific weekend people. Hope you get to do a little of all those three things.

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