Friday, May 23, 2014

three day weekend woot

What a week. I gotta say I did not expect this week to have gone the way it did with a scare and a forced vacation. This was supposed to be a normal work week leading into a nice three day weekend where I'd pretend to be sipping delicious cocktails in the backyard and watching the dogs chase each other around. 
Instead I'm home drinking copious amounts of water, laying around a lot, and being snuggled by cats. We are hoping to make it out to the movies today because it's X-MEN and may be our last movie outing for a long time if not our last movie where it's just the two of us. I think I can handle walking from the car to a movie theatre to sit for two hours then walking back to the car. Still hoping to be up for church and a bridal shower on Sunday but I'm gonna try not to push it.

For those of you lucky mobile people, do enjoy the three day weekend, spend some time with a veteran and maybe try making a memorial service somewhere in your neighborhood.

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