Monday, May 12, 2014

i wish i could say we're totally progressing in the baby's room

Not much has been happening at home anywhere and particularly in the baby's room since I'm rarely home. I feel like I should be home more to get things done around the house, on the other hand I need to work as much as possible since I won't be working for a few months, and on yet other hand I feel like weekends hanging with people and out and about is time well spent since we won't get more chances to go out and do whatever we want as often once a babe is around. All that to say, one thing got done thanks to an electrician being hired to do the backyard electricity and while he was here we had him install ceiling fans in a few rooms: master bedroom, living room, and nursery. It has a dimmer switch wall outlet so you can slide the brightness up or down and control the fan speed. I really wanted a dimmer in the room so when I walk in there in the middle of the night it's not a bright glaring light on our girl and a fan is nice to circulate the air and help baby sleep and stay cool without blasting AC.
We've gotten a few clothes from Matt's mom that were either used by Matt's sister or her girls when they were little so I'm starting piles of clothing for later and will store in bins in the closet.
These bins. I think I'll hang the 0-6 month stuff by size with those closet divider things and then rotate things as she gets bigger with the stuff in the bins above. I moved the flowery bins in here because it sorta felt like the bins didn't quite match in the room with the curtain and I think maybe a simple striped bin would work in that cabinet instead. Plus the flowery bins in here give it a nice bit of pattern and color. Next to the bins are matching plastic tubs where I'm thinking of putting extra little baby things like socks or something. I added some chalkboard labels on it in anticipation.
We don't really have much in terms of clothing for our girl and for the record I have purchased very little since I know clothing is the most gifted baby item.
I did buy two things at Marshall's the other day while letting my mom pick out an outfit for herself because they were hot pink (which is superior to regular pink), yellow, summery, and on sale.
The other had a fish on the butt. I can't say no to fish butt.
The rest of the items in the room are shoved in here waiting for the glider to be in place so I can start building art around it but I recently checked the status of the glider and it won't be here 'til June so I'm just gonna order the rug and cross my fingers that it works with the glider when it arrives (hopefully it arrives before our daughter does).
So anyway, as far as what's to be done in that room it's not too bad, I'm just waiting for the first shower to happen so I can see what we get and maneuver around that but in general to do:
* buy rug
* put glider in place
* install changing pad 
* put crib skirt on crib
* hang art + make flowery garland
* install blackout liner on the curtains
* organize + store clothes, gifts, and toys

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