Monday, May 26, 2014

welcome cat

Well, it's the week of our baby shower BBQ. My girls Michelle & Man-D are doing the heavy lifting of the planning and such (we did hire a taco cart guy for the food though) but since it's at our house there were a few little things I wanted to do before 40 people were walking in and out of our house & yard. I wish I would have had the strength to make something like this though...
I mean forget about it. How freaking adorable is that??
Instead I just bought a colorful one from Target.
Here's our resident welcome cat modeling the welcome mat.
I've been trying this thing with letting the cats hang out in the front yard since it's fenced in. They usually get bored and come back inside on their own. They're way more obedient than I give them credit for, I can usually just ask them to come back in and they listen.

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