Wednesday, May 7, 2014

the new dining table in the backyard

Check it out. While I was at work Matt assembled the table and set it up in the backyard. 
It will comfortably sit 8-10 people which is good 'cause that's how many people are in my immediate family not including the four children (who will have their own little picnic table nearby in the kid zone). And 8 is the magic number for Matt's side of the family including the girls (I assume Alice will be cool on a booster seat at the end). Remember, those four poles will eventually have a fence in front of them and I'm looking forward to that being finished. There's also an umbrella that goes in the middle that extends pretty wide.
Woo Hoo. It's even better than I imagined. Now my fantasies of outdoor dinner parties might actually come true! Will it even be possible to throw a fancy dinner party this summer with an infant in tow? Maybe next year...

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