Saturday, February 27, 2010

the ridiculous weekend: part 4

Sunday morning Matt and I woke up with lots of energy and spent it on various projects around the house, the majority of them outside. I went to Home Depot for supplies in the AM and the work began after breakfast.
We chopped down this HIDEOUS plant we'd hated since we moved in, and then trimmed hedges and stuff. I can't show pictures of it yet cause it's just a pile of of shrubs and we're working on the area with new benches, plants, and something I said I didn't need.
I did spend about 15 minutes making something that was so easy I wish I'd done it sooner. Avert your eyes if you are anti-green/hippie:
Yeah, we compost now. Should have done it long ago:
I got a new bird feeder and bird seeds so I can keep the cats entertained:
And purchased a flower pot for the flowers my sister got me:
Man I really want to repaint that door now:
Then I moved to the inside and believe it or not actually began a project:
The painter's tape caused some stickiness and I have to retouch the edges but it's almost done:
Chalkboard paint requires you to wait three days before you write on it. FYI.

And that was our weekend. Which now brings us to this one. Eeep.

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