Monday, February 8, 2010


My baby sister went into labor on February 6. She spent all day in the hospital with contractions and would not dialate. Around midnight, after only getting up to 3cm her water broke and the doctor decided it was time to go in and get the baby via c-section on February 7. My sister was amazing, she was so strong, laboring and waiting for her daughter. Wow. Her daughter. This is a mother.
The original plan was for mom to call us when she'd be at 8cm so we could be there for the good stuff aka the delivery of our niece but at least we were there at 1am to view through the window a beautiful baby girl with healthy lungs and her mommy's feet. She was pulled out of her tummy at 1:02am and I refuse to give you the stats of her weight and height. You can ask Esther yourself if you want. Suffice to say, she's small. Tiny even.
Baby is doing fantastic, eating, the whole nine. Baby sister is doing great too. She's sore but doing really good considering she had major surgery. I am so happy to write that. With all the things that can go wrong and weren't going according to plan, I am so glad that when people ask how they're doing I can answer honestly, they are good. We got to visit the baby at more reasonable hours on her birthday and got to see her try to open her eyes and watch as they changed her diaper for the first time. I will be sure to tell that story when we have an argument around her 18th birthday and she thinks she's old enough to date boys. Listen little girl, I saw your first diaper change, I know you.
This was the first time Matt had held a newborn and she didn't protest, in fact, she was pretty cool with people carrying her.
Gotta tell you, I am really honest (almost too a fault) when it comes to the cute level of babies and my niece is amazingly beautiful. Sure it sounds like the exaggerated pride of a new aunt but she really is a stunner.
Oh and when you have a child, you have to have a CAR SEAT to be able to take her home. It was funny having that conversation with my mom. It was on Friday night, when unbeknownst to us my sister would be going into labor the next day. Me: "Does she have a car seat yet?" Mom: "No, not yet" Me: "How's she gonna take her home from the hospital?" Mom: Gasp, "That's right, the hospital won't let her take her home without it." So my sister Liz and I took it upon ourselves to go pick one out and buy one and present it to Angelina Joy on the 8th, a belated birthday present and the proceeded to test it out and put her in it. Talk about amateurs. My sister and I had never put a newborn into a car carrier but I think we got it right, even though she looks hilariously awkward in it. Look at those feet!
And for all you naysayers I gotta say, upon viewing Angelina I shed some tears of joy, I was completely amazed at the sight of something so little that now belonged to all of us, who we were all responsible for. Who we would watch grow up and who we would someday take to Disneyland, and teach her to drive, and then enroll her at Biola. Then, my brother asked us if it made us want one. His fiancee and I shook our head no. So HA! You thought the sight of a precious baby would make me want one but you were wrong. Pay up.
I am completely madly in love with her though. I couldn't get enough time holding her and I keep staring at her pictures today and can't wait to see her again tomorrow after work. I wonder why this baby feels different, maybe because she's our family, the blood running through her veins runs in mine. And knowing she is part of our life from here on out. 

Life has changed for all of us.

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