Friday, February 12, 2010

why this is and is not me

At first glance, this appears like an EvY room. Black, white, yellow, obvious, right?
Mmm... I do like the black windows and white walls and of course the yellow chairs but, there is an abundance of no-nos in my world: glass table tops. Ugh. Despise them. Hey, if you have them, no offense or anything I just hate them with a passion. Sometimes they look cool, most of the time I just think of all the broken glass that would kill me. Number 2) LEATHER. NO LIKE LEATHER. Never have, never will. Number 3) Animal print stuff. Now while I do own a pair of shiny snakeskin looking ballet flats, you can hardly tell unless you get close to them, I just do NOT like animal prints. 

Why even post this image right? Well, it's kind a getting to know EvY's design tastes thing.

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