Monday, February 22, 2010

there it is!

I have been wanting to find a way to break out all the black in the living room and I kept thinking the black ottomans should be covered in white or striped.
THIS is what I'm trying to accomplish, it was in my head and I kept wanting something simple but couldn't translate it and there it is in the home of Michael Kors:


Miri said...

White ottomans will make a difference, but have you also though of a white throw somewhere on the couch? Right now the side board and the couch look like one unit (at least in this picture). Perhaps, even replacing the magazines on the shelf with white linens. Just a thought! Looks great anyway. :)

thehickles said...

are those ottomans the ones from Target that open for storage? I have a red and blue one for Taylor's room. Love it!

EvY said...

indeed they are the target ottomans that open for storage. we have a larger one that's our "coffee table". We realized we're not coffee table people, we are put our feet up people.