Friday, February 26, 2010

the ridiculous weekend: part 3

As I am writing this blog I was wondering what else we did on Saturday...

Oh YES. After the stove installation we went to Matt's grandparents to visit, then Matt's parents went to a party, then we met up again at Costco to purchase kitty litter, toilet paper and JUST LOOK at TVs.

Because guess what, the TV we had, was also my mom's and she wanted it back as well.

So after JUST LOOKING at TVs. We ended up with this behemoth and the image I entitle "The day my husband became a man":
It is 55 glorious inches. It weighs 100 pounds. It takes up most of the wall. It has five HDMI inputs. I know some women don't care about the size of their TV but I was a film major. I studied movies. I work in commercials. I watch movies three to four times a week. And I am a very excited owner of a giant TV:
Which takes us to the end of the day Saturday, obviously spent watching blu-ray movies on our most prized possession after our Apple laptops.

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