Monday, February 15, 2010


After what felt like months (possibly felt longer to Matt & Ali who had to hear about it) I finally bought a dresser for the dining area in the living room. I went for the same dresser I'd fallen for months ago, Ikea's Edland 2 drawer dresser:
The top of this is a work in progress, as are all decorative areas are:
Obviously the print was for Valentine's Day decor. I think I'll switch it out seasonally with text art, if you guys see a good St Patrick's day print, lemme know:
The knobs I replaced because Matt didn't like them but the way the knob holes were drilled means they intended for a pull to be there, something that drooped a little so I think I'll try to find a few suitable pulls somewhere:
The top drawer is all napkins and linens and it makes this little hostess happy:
The bottom drawer is all candles and it makes this little neat freak happy:
So I can say with sincerity that this area is DONE.

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