Thursday, February 4, 2010

jonesing for some sheets

Well 'tis almost that time of the year when we start thinking about spring and switching from the down comforter to something a little lighter.

Enter West Elm with their LOVELY striped sheet set and grey coverlet with YELLOW trim:
Too perfect...
Grey, reversible coverlet:
 Awesome matching shams:
I like the idea of the yellow quilted pillow sham shown in picture one but I think Matt would dislike it immensely.

Not that my husband hates everything, he's just very particular when it comes to design and I love him for it because when I ask and want an honest opinion he gives it to me and can pinpoint the part he doesn't like, he doesn't just nod his head or shake his head, he actually thinks about it. Is this outfit strange? Yes, too many patterns. Things like that.

That reminds me. 

I love him.

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