Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the ridiculous weekend: part 1

The first thing I did Saturday morning was go to my chiropractor and get treatment. My hip had been out of whack and my neck and shoulders, due to sitting in front of a computer and a high stress job needed care.

Here I feel I must explain the chiro. Four years ago I pulled my hip out of alignment. Ever since then I go regularly to a chiro in uptown whittier that I love. He believes in treatment with diet, exercise, and treatment. No drugs, no surgery unless necessary. That's me too. We have a rapport, the doc and me. I make him laugh, he makes me better. I don't lie to him. If he asks if I've done my stretches, I tell the truth. I even know who answers the phone when I call and make some cracks when he sends out emails to the patients in the newsletters. It's a relief to have a good relationship with a doctor.

The other incredible thing about the chiro is that before I am twisted like a stretch armstrong doll and always without fail crack up when he cracks my neck, I get a massage. It's not a fuddy duddy massage, it's a serious massage that feels medical almost. Can't describe it really, it's not for the feel goods, it's to make you better. In fact, sometimes I'm sore for the day after a massage but feel a lot better on the whole. The masseuse helps loosen tight muscles and all that. This visit, she pinpointed some headaches I've been having. Plus it's covered by my insurance after our deductible is met and we pay $20 a visit I think. Anyway, if you need a chiro and live near Whittier, I'll send you to Jason and his staff.

I got my massage, got aligned, went to World Market. Saw a BEAUTIFUL sleeper couch that if you are in the lookout for a sleeper couch and got $500 smacks, you should buy it. 
Also saw a beautiful side table that I wish I could buy for our bedroom x 2.
Cupcakes are hot right now and World Market has a LOT of cupcakes making supplies.
Also spied beautiful wine glasses and rosey Sofia wine for my bar eventually.
Walked out with some loose leaf tea, a white ceramic compost bucket:
And a ceramic portable mug that has yellow stripes and looks kind of like these mugs:
That takes us to approximately 10am on Saturday...

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