Thursday, June 16, 2011

bamboo garden

After the Experience Music Project, we headed to the one Vegetarian place I could find nearby and our pal Milena was actually game so the three of us had dinner at Bamboo Garden. Which is Chinese. Vegan Chinese. Vegan KOSHER Chinese. Delicious.
I could tell by the outside this place was gonna be solid. Somehow I can tell when Chinese places are the real thing or just posing. The interiors were cheesy so I knew it was gonna be good.
Their whole thing was that the emperor of China would have a few weeks a year where he would do some holy crap and wouldn't eat meat. So he made his chef's make him a special vegetarian meal that tasted as good as the real thing and if you looked at this meal at first glance, you'd buy it.
This is the Chinese meal I've craved since I quit eating meat. Almond/Cashew "chicken".
Milena had Mongolian "beef".
Matt had snow peas and "chicken".
I wish they had this place near us. I bet they have a vegetarian Chinese place somewhere...
I highly recommend it next time you're in Seattle.
Fun for the whole family!

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