Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i could easily spend a lot of money at world market

And it would all go to my fantasy outdoor living for my fantasy garden and summer parties.

I'd need a lounge set for my friends to chill and tell hilarious stories:
Though I'd spice it up with some striped pillows and yellow pillows:
I'd serve a few appetizers on some cute lil' plates while everyone drank and waited for dinner:
Maybe some guests would even be bold enough to head to our immaculately trimmed lawn and use our picnic blanket and let the dogs come over and be petted by them:
Obviously I'd need a nice big dining set, complete with umbrella so we could move over and have a meal I made myself that took almost no time at all, was incredibly delicious, and at perfect temperature:
The dining set would need some nice outdoor linens like this table runner:
We'd grill some veggies and ONLY veggies on our piggy grill. No worry Mr. Piggy you will never have an apple in your mouth, only on your back in our party:
Under the umbrella I'd hang a few of these so we could continue dining after dark:
Maybe a few of these as well:
Or these bright yellow ones:
Once all my guests left, Matt and I would lounge on the hammock, going over the party while the dogs jumped up and napped with us while the cats glared at them jealously.
Ah, what a fun trip down never will happen lane... but wouldn't you love to come to that kind of party at our house?

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