Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer movies: Super 8

A free movie. A free movie at a major movie studio. A free movie with actual cars from the movie.
Matt and I were excited to learn Community was filmed there. Oh the thrill!
My friend Trevor sent me an email and then I sent it to Ab & Gaudy so on Saturday we headed up to catch a friends screening of Super 8. The Paramount theatre has got to be one of the best theatres I've ever been to with the most comfortable seats. They're at an angle so you're watching the movie at the most comfortable position with lots of back support. This is what it looks like. Can you see the angled seats off to the side. I could nap in them, for reals. My favorite part of the evening was they had a popcorn machine and gave us free popcorn as well as boxes of candy and then a girl walked around in one of those little cigarette holder things and handed out more popcorn and more candy.
THE MOVIE WAS GREAT. These cubes are part of the movie, you'll get it when you see it. It was a love story to movies, monsters, making movies, summer, being a kid, it was just fantastic. Jill, you probably won't like it 'cause it's a little scary and loud bangs and such but Ali, you MUST. 
I was expecting "reception" to be you know, stale cookies and such but it was delicious catered snacks like fondue, sliders, mac n cheese, veggies, and stuffed potatoes. And free booze. All of us but Matt stocked up. I wish I'd have gone back for more fondue. There was a little red carpet so we posed for pics.
And Ab got to pose in front of the Paramount Pictures arches. They had spotlights going. Pimp.
It was a fun evening. Anytime I get to impress my brother is a successful evening.

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