Monday, June 27, 2011

cupboard business

I spent a few hours re-organizing a few pantry and cupboard items. I figured it didn't make sense to keep like things apart from each other so I moved the wine and glasses and cups and bowls out of here and moved in anything that had anything to do with serving. Platters, pourers, cake stands, etc.

I felt like it look cluttered but in pictures it looks fine.

I put spare baskets and candle holders up top.
Here's Lyla holding a blue ball.
And here's the cupboards. Top shelf has anything mellamine, then my reusable coffee and beverage cups, then coffee mugs and the teacups from mother's day and then our day to day drinking cups.
The other side has what Ambre referred to as the overwhelming collection of stemware.
12 champagne flutes, 9 red wine glasses, 12 white wine glasses, 12 water goblets,
6 large coupes, 6 small coupes, 6 martini glasses, 3 smaller champagne flutes (obviously I broke one), and two tall champagne flutes from Anthro that only Matt and I use for special occasions. Honestly they're not that fancy but at $10 each at the time it seemed like a freaking fortune.
And speaking of Anthro. Gosh I love these bowls.
Anyway, it's not like it was a retched mess in there to begin with I mean, it's ME we're talking about, but now it makes more sense, especially to those that put things away when they do the dishes. Which is rarely me since I do the cooking around these parts.

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