Monday, June 20, 2011

summer movies: x-men first class

After our Super 8 high on Monday, Matt, his friend Jared, and I went to see X-Men:First Class, the prequel for the X-Men movies of which I am a huge fan of. The second one, X2 directed by Bryan Singer might be one of my favorite movies of all time. Anyway, this one's about the beginning of the X-Men and how Professor Charles Xavier meets up with Eric Lensherr who eventually become Professor X and Magneto. Now, the roles of Magneto and Professor X were originally played by Gandalf AKA Sir Ian McKellan and Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise AKA Patrick Stewart so these dudes have some MAJOR shoes to fill. And since James McAvoy is a tasty morsel, I'm gonna give him a pass on this one. Doesn't have Patrick's rich and sexy voice but heaven knows I'm a sucker for brunettes with good hair. Oh and he can act.
The rest of the gang: barf. Magneto, meh, he was okay. I hate Rose Brynne so she sucks as Moira McTaggert, I can't even remember the rest of them, oh the chick that played Mystique, she was okay too, I can't say anything bad about someone willing to spend hours in a makeup chair that covers her from top to bottom. But the worst of the WORST was January Jones as Emma Frost. That woman is a stiff board, can't act worth shit, and completely wastes all of our time. 
So for this movie's massive failures I am blaming el director. Bad pacing, bad acting, no heart. I don't know what the stupid critics are talking about comparing it to Dark Knight (sacrilege!) as a great comic book movie. No, it isn't. It's subpar at best. Maybe I'm criticizing it harshly because I love the X-Men stories and the original three movies. I'm kind of mad at Bryan Singer for not directing this because he already regretted not directing the third one so he should have made it up to me/all of humanity and taken over the job. Of course if they make another X-Men movie I'll totally be there I just hope January Jones gets eaten by a fog monster before that happens.

Overall: don't waste your time on this crappy crapfest.

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