Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer movies: green lantern

The critics hated this movie. I did not. I actually enjoyed it. Matt LOVES The Green Lantern books and he'd been looking forward to this movie for over a year so he took me with the understanding that 1) I was to remain silent and not bash the movie and 2) I was to keep my drooling over Ryan Reynolds to a minimum.
I should have said that he couldn't say anything about Blake Lively but I forgot she was in it. She was pretty good, she's a good actress actually, my only beef with her character was that she's way too young, how old is she, she's like 14, and the character I imagined in her 30s. But other than that she was a very likeable character and she is not ugly. 
The movie is about a dude and a magical ring and some fighting of evil. Unlike X-Men it had good pacing, good acting, and much more likeable characters. You know who's awesome in it? Peter Sarsgaard. His characterization of Victor Hammond was amazing: creepy and weird and fantastic. I would add a picture of him in there but that would just reduce the amount of Ryan Reynolds pictures so just look up Peter Sarsgaard. He's good.
The movie also had a very emotional scene of Ryan Reynolds in just his underwear. And by emotional I mean, awesome.
So if you're debating between this and Mr. Popper's Penguins, go with the abs, I mean, Green Lantern.

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