Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my absolutely favorite images

There are two interior images printed that hang on my magnetic board in my office. I found it funny that they're both heavily relying on the color blue (mon fav) and also bordering on minimal. The first one is this ridiculously organized and perfectly curated closet by The Container Store.
Then there's this image that I had the right mind to actually source thankheavens when I saved it on my computer. I LOVE it on so many levels. Fireplaces in my mind should always be flanked by bookcases and this one is and the stuff on the shelves is just so perfectly styled and minimal in a way I would never be able to accomplish because I'm not a minimalist but want very badly to employ it a little in my life. Then there's the bottom cupboards to store ugly things which reminds me that this home is lived in by real people who have things. Then there's the big mirror over the fireplace flanked by the two perfect sconces and modern moulding and icing on my cake the fireplace is black. There's a big comfy chair next to it so you can read and a big round ottoman (sadly covered in cowhide) to put your feet up.
I could look at this image all day and not grow tired of it and believe me I've tried. And since imitation is the highest form of flattery I plan very much to rip this off almost exactly in the future. To put the icing on the cake he lives in my fantasy city of San Francisco. Thanks for reminding me about the earthquakes, now what state shall I move to?

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...melody... said...

One day I will have a home and in that home will be a beautiful walk in closet with something that makes my OCD hear cry with happiness. I love the photos.