Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hotel max seattle

SEATTLE! This trip that I'd know about for over a year I procrastinated planning and was therefore stuck in a crappy hotel. NOT. I waited 'til the last possible sec to decide where to stay and Milena picked the place so I said cool, whatever. Hotel Max Seattle, where they have... a mini bar.
I stole this bottle opener.
I couldn't believe they had any coffee other than Starbucks in the hotel.
The mini bar had some interesting items in it. Like this:
Which is an intimacy kit.
They had some cool eco items in case you forgot your razor or toothbrush.
Gummy bears inside a large gummy bear.
And in case you cut yourself.
The only negative review for the hotel was that the rooms were tiny. They were. Not that it mattered, all we need is a bed and a bathroom. We had a king sized bed and it settled the fact that we should get a king sized bed in the future.
The clock had a CD player and a freaking light I never figured out how to turn off. The paper on the nightstand is a pillow menu, in case you need a firm one, a full body pillow, or a soft one.
This was a common sight in Seattle. Recycling bins! I was happy about that.
Bathroom was teeny tiny but had a nice floor.
And nice shower curtain.
And nice subway tiles stacked in a different way than what you're used to.
I love when hotels have nice bath products. They had Aveda.
Aww a little hotel max sticker on the toiler paper. Too cute.
And who doesn't like having a robe in their room?
The hotel key was pretty cute. It says "The queen sleeps here".
There was art all over the place. This was our room's.
I dug these roller blinds, I might do that in the future.
Frosted windows for privacy was great 'cause the view was sucky.
And a TV with cable, something we always enjoy on vacation where we get to watch TV in bed since we don't do that at home.
We almost stole this door hanger.
The doors to the rooms all had blown up photographs on them.
This is how I identified our room.
Cool effect.
I'd recommend it. I'll stay there again in the future.

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