Wednesday, August 3, 2011

to be a master... a grill master

Monday the 1st of August was kind of my last day of summer. I went back to work on Tuesday for a monthlong job and as mercy would have it both Matt and I were off to enjoy it together. I decided to fire up my little grill in the front patio. Matt left the grilling to me which I found interesting, seems like such a man thing to do, why would I be interested in cooking outdoors with fire? Look at me. I look like an amateur, not even a beer can in hand.
Asparagus and some zucchini Jill brought from her garden.
I grilled the corns with the husk on and then take them off and let them grill a bit more. The only reason I even know that's what you're supposed to do is because my step-dad told me. I know nothing about grilling.
Our veggie burgers and buns were grilled too. They were very tasty with an heirloom tomato, grilled onion, and slice of cheddar cheese. Side of fresh strawberry lemonade helps too.
Grilled corn tastes great but the smell, mmmm.
I made mine Mexican style. Matt's had vegan butter.
It was fun but charcoal is stinky and messy. I think I'm gonna invest in a little propane grill for next summer.

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