Thursday, August 25, 2011

85ºC Bakery - Hacienda Heights

Because I am a giant nerd I went to the 85C grand opening by myself and waited for WAY too long to get to the front. Let's just say I had to push back my optometrist appointment. 
It's very efficiently run. I think it's gonna be the place to go when we have a hankering for bread or need a cool pastry or birthday cake.
I got a lot of bread.
I didn't dare order from this area. Too much good stuff.
I got a sea salt iced coffee and a milky green tea.
Both were fantastic and I got a free coupon for two more when I get back as well as a souvenir reusable bag. That bag is now priceless since I waited so long to get it.

So... who wants to come with me when I go back again. I'll try to go on a weekday though.

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