Monday, August 1, 2011

breakfast bake

I've been on a food rut I'm trying to shake myself out of. Obviously hermajesty is usually there to help me in times of need but right now I've been working a lot out of this book written by that skinny bitch girl. It's a vegan cookbook but the lady has an understanding of tasty things and the essence of certain foods and how well they work with other foods. I do like Isa's books a lot but they don't always have pictures and I want pictures! This particular recipe was called a breakfast bake which consisted of tempeh and potatoes and herbs, also mushrooms but Matthew HATES mushrooms so I left them out.
I heated up some grape tomatoes in olive oil, salt & pepper, sprinkled some goat cheese on 'em and called it a brunch. Matthew's the vegan one, not me, I need cheese to live. Fresh squeezed OJ by the way, the best, all else is crap.
I'd make the breakfast bake again, it's really hearty but doesn't feel heavy. That's vegan food for you. 

Oh and Mary, tempeh is kosher and they sell it at Trader Joe's. 

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