Tuesday, August 2, 2011

proud bird champagne buffet

Today is my pop's birthday. He is 1955 minus 2011. For his birthday my brother I treated him to a place that was Ab's idea and it was a pretty great one. Proud Bird restaurant near LAX has a theme:
And lucky us it was CHAMPAGNE buffet. I wish I'd had a driver, then I'd have had more.
That's my pops and his lady Acela.
I find it hard to eat at buffets. Like the pressure gets to me or something, anyway I had waffles among other things but yeah, waffles were my desert.
Gaudy and her sister Vero and brother Brian.
A model of the plane Chuck Yeager flew to break the sound barrier. After this we saw "The Right Stuff" at home, per dad's request, and the plane was in the movie.
The walls were covered in aviation history.
The ladies got a wall too.
Buffet brunch was good. Expensive but pretty great for a special occasion. I'd like to come back sometime and try just dinner. Though I will miss a dude just coming by and refilling your champagne flute without being asked to do so.

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